[img[banan.png]]\n"You must pass the ultimate trial and escape from this deep dungeon. Failure means death. Do you accept these terms?"\n[[>ugh ok fine|next]]\n[[>no|lose]]
[img[banan.png]]\n"Welcome. It is I, Bananos the Ultimate."\n[[>what|ono2]]\n[[>excuse me|ono2]]
[img[banan.png]]\n[[oh no|ono]]
Light illuminates the room....\n<html>\n<body>\n<a href="http://www.spooky.im/mystery-of-the-bananadgn056.html">next</a>\n</body>\n</html>
You wake up in a desolate room. It is dark and cold. There appears to be no life.\n[[Look around|banan]]
Bananos smites you and you die good job you are a true adventurer\n[img[best.jpg]]
The Mystery of the Banana
Upon closer inspection, there appears to be a life form hiding in the corner...\n[[check it out|banan2]]